About the Designer

I was 6 when I started designing clothes for dolls using handkerchiefs. When I was 15, I figured out how to use a sewing machine and started making party dresses for myself and my sisters. I like to create and share. 

When I first came upon Anthill fabrics I knew they were the kind of thing that I wanted to see and touch everyday, a beautiful thing integrated into my daily life. I immediately thought of having one-of-a-kind clothes made for my 18-month old daughter and myself. The idea evolved into a toddler's line that would allow me to share these special fabrics, promote fair trade, and support "made in the U.S.A." manufacturing.

My professional background includes 15 years in the retail industry, most recently as a Senior Marketing Manager at a Fortune 500 retail company. I am currently a freelance marketing consultant and creator of Sugarcane.

 Ria making local friends in Bali.

Ria making local friends in Bali.

 Sugarcane's first 10 production samples

Sugarcane's first 10 production samples

About Sugarcane

Created by Ria Faust, Sugarcane is a line of toddler clothing made with hand loomed, indigenous textiles for modern, mini globetrotters. Designed by a mom and woven by moms for kids of the world.

Indigenous, Hand Loomed Fabrics

Indigenous, hand loomed fabrics from the Philippines are intricately created on wooden looms by artisan mothers, who support their families and preserve their living tradition. It is a vanishing art because machine-made fabrics are faster and cheaper to produce. By exploring a new way of using traditional textiles, Sugarcane is helping create demand that enables weavers to continue their craft. Sugarcane is clothing with a cause.

2014 Collection

Sugarcane's first collection is inspired by ati-atihan costumes of the Ati people, believed to be one of the Philippines' aboriginal groups. It is a tribal-inspired assortment that includes a bib dress, a pompom tank, a short sleeve tunic,  shorts, and slouch pants.

Our mini collection of mini clothes will launch in fall 2014.