About sugarcane


Ria Faust started Sugarcane in 2013, inspired by the indigenous textiles of the Philippines and the artisans, who uphold the loom weaving tradition. They reflect the bold aesthetics and tribal patterns of the cultures she and her daughter have seen throughout their travels. Sugarcane is vibrant and globally conscious dressing for toddlers size 12 months to 5 years.


The Sugarcane mission is to preserve the indigenous art of loom weaving and support its women artisans. Through children's wear it is exploring a new way of using traditional textiles.


The weavers are mothers and grandmothers taking care of their families. Their stories resonated with Ria, who is a mom herself and believes in the positive spiral of investing in women. Ria works directly with the weavers by going to rural villages in the Philippines to source fabrics. With a new market for their products, the weaving communities can grow and pass their craft on to a younger generation.